MVRPC Committees

MVRPC members appoint representatives to sit on various committees. These various committees are organized based on subject matter, and are charged with making recommendations to the full Board based on staff recommendations on issues.

Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is a permanent committee appointed by members of MVRPC to represent their respective organizations. The TAC is responsible for working with the Executive Director and to advise the Board of Directors on technical issues or other delegated and assigned matters.

Institute Steering Committee

The Institute Steering Committee (ISC) is a permanent committee appointed by the MVRPC Board of Directors. The ISC is responsible for working with the Executive Director and to guide the work of the Institute of Livable & Equitable Communities, or other delegated and assigned matters.

Regional Transportation Coordination Council

The Regional Transportation Council was formed to improve transportation options for seniors, people with disabilities and low-income individuals, in part, by implementing the recommendations of the Regional Public Transit – Human Services Transportation Coordination Plan and the Update of that Plan.

The Council meets quarterly to provide input on making specialized transportation improvements and to share information concerning transportation for non-drivers. The committee is open to public, private and non-profit transportation providers, as well seniors and individuals with disabilities and advocates for those groups   This Council discusses the transportation needs of the populations identified above and makes recommendations on how to meet those needs in a coordinated fashion. 

Regional Equity Initiative Committee

The Regional Equity Initiative Committee works in a collaborative manner to fulfill the charge of a region committed to advancing racial equity while achieving tangible results.

Areawide Facility Planning Subcommittee

The Areawide Facility Planning Subcommittee (AFPSC) aids in the development and/or review of Facility Plan update guidelines, the technical review of individual Facility Plan update proposals, and the provision of input on such proposals. Input on individual Facility Plan, and/or Facility Planning Area Update proposals from the AFCSC input, will be forwarded to MVRPC's Technical Advisory Committee for additional review and input.