Planning Services

There are a number of popular services requested by our members. These provide an opportunity for our staff to assist members through our wide array of resources.

Regional Planning

  • Preparation of Comprehensive Plans, Thoroughfare Plans, and Strategic Plans.
  • Technical assistance, data analysis, and advice on numerous subjects confronting local government based upon local and national best practices.
  • Aerial and digital orthophotography, base maps and GIS (computer-based mapping) services.
  • Population estimates, population projections, as well as informational reports and analyses of socio-economic characteristics within the Region.
  • Access to the official state-designated Census Information Center and an affiliate of the Ohio Date Users Center.

GIS Services

MVRPC is able to deliver enhanced GIS services to member organizations, including direct access to MVRPC’s datasets and interaction with MVRPC’s GIS system, to enhance their mapping and data updates. This provides the opportunity for seamless mapping data throughout the Region. When providing these services, MVRPC can coordinate collaborative, regional projects with partners to address regional needs.

Funding Solutions

  • Assistance with state and federal grant applications, Request for Proposals (RFPs), and proposals.
  • Grant seeking and writing assistance services for various topics and sources of funds.

Facilitation Services

  • Facilitation of cross-jurisdictional issues on a variety of topics
  • Attendance at local meetings of member jurisdictions, providing direct and immediate professional assistance, upon request.

Transportation Planning

  • Transportation studies under contract or in support of your local planning process.
  • Access to the Region’s crash database for data useful to justification of transportation improvements and natural and human changes in the Region.
  • Bicycle and walking audits at local schools and other destinations to improve safety.
  • Transit and bicycle planning services for connecting local sidewalks or trails to the Miami Valley Regional network, the Nation’s largest network of paved, off street trails.
  • Rideshare (carpool/vanpool) services to help your residents make their daily commutes more cost-effective,

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