Miami Valley RIDESHARE

The Rideshare Program is your resource for a smarter commute.

The Rideshare Program is a free resource from Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (MVRPC) for those who work, live or go to college in Montgomery, Greene, Miami, Preble, Darke and Clinton Counties. Register for the Rideshare Program and explore smarter ways to commute like ride matching to form a carpool or bikepool, transit and bike routes to match your trip or form a vanpool for longer commutes. MVRPC’s Rideshare Program partners with a statewide commute solutions platform, Gohio Commute to offer smarter ways to improve how you get around Ohio.  

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Options for a Smarter Commute


A carpool is an arrangement between 2 or more people to make a regular journey in a single vehicle. This option is a great way to save money by sharing costs and to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion by reducing the number of vehicles on the road. Register for to explore carpool matches.


Taking the bus is a great way to reduce costs and enjoy a relaxing commute by letting someone else drive. Resources below based on county.



Commuting by bike saves you money and improves your health. It is a great way to exercise before and after work while commuting.


If you have a long commute, you and larger group of people may be interested in renting a van on a monthly basis. The monthly vehicle rental rate and other expenses can be split evenly between passengers. Find others to form a vanpool at

Guaranteed Ride Home

For those who are registered for the Rideshare Program at and participating in a carpool, vanpool or bike commuting, you are eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Home Program (GRH). This program reimburses registered users 80% of the cost of a ride service to your home address on file or to the site of an emergency when needed. This reimbursement is available up to 4 times in a 12 month period.

You can use GRH if you are registered on and used a sustainable transportation option listed above and:

  • You or a member of your family becomes ill;
  • You unexpectedly must work past your normal quitting time;
  • or Your carpool/vanpool driver has to leave early.

Download and complete the GRH Application for Reimbursement Form to request a reimbursement.

If you are using an e-reader device and encounter problems with this page, please contact Laura at 937-531-6542 or for assistance.

Need help registering or navigating commute options on, Watch this short video to learn more.

Or Connect with a Rideshare Program representative


  • Call 937.223.SAVE or (937)223-7283
  • or toll-free at 1.800.743.SAVE or 800-743-7283
  • TTY/TDD 800-750-0750

Funded through the Ohio Department of Transportation, the Rideshare Program goal is to improve air quality and traffic congestion through the increased use of sustainable transportation options and the reduction of single-occupancy vehicle miles traveled.

Employer Resources to help your workforce commute smarter

MVRPC offers employers in the Region support for sustainable transportation solutions for their workforce. The Rideshare program provides ride matching for those interested in carpools, connection to vanpool providers, transit options, bike routes and bikepool matching. Contact MVRPC to learn more about tools we can provide to help your team get to work.

The Rideshare Program is a federally funded service that is provided at no cost to employers. Rideshare representatives can meet with your company to customize solutions for your location to improve commute options for your staff. 


Download the RIDESHARE Program PDF

Tips for Successful Ridesharing

  1. Meet with your future carpoolers or vanpoolers in advance to discuss arrangements.
  2. Determine morning/evening pickup points, route and time schedule.
  3. Establish a driver schedule that identifies who drives and when.
  4. Agree on smoking, eating, drinking, talking and music policies during the commute.
  5. Be on time. Decide, as a group, how long the driver is to wait.
  6. Establish a chain of communication to notify each other in case of illness or other changes.
  7. If a member of the group doesn't drive, determine a method for reimbursing driving expenses.
  8. Be courteous and be ready to go.
  9. Re-visit your matches on if you need another person to add to your carpool/vanpool.

Tips for finding more matches

  • Adjust your commute time on your profile. If you normally leave at 7:00 a.m. but are willing to leave at 6:30 a.m., you may find a new match in your area. Modify the start and end times to see if a new match appears.
  • Adjust the start destination, could you walk or take the bus to a closer start location or could someone drop you off on their way so you could meet a carpool?
  • Talk to your coworkers or post a flyer in the break room to let people know you are looking to carpool or vanpool. Maybe they know a friend who would want to rideshare.
  • Contact other businesses near your work and let them you are looking for someone to rideshare. They may know someone in their company who has been looking as well. Ask if they would mind posting a flyer in their break room.
  • Be social. Ask your social network followers if anyone is looking to rideshare.

Registration disclaimer

Information submitted in this rideshare application may be shared with other rideshare applicants for the purpose of allowing applicants to communicate with each other to determine mutually agreeable ride sharing arrangements. Shared information will be limited to name, work location, and contact phone number(s). The rideshare programs will not sell, lease or release this or any other private information submitted in this application to any other parties, unless required by law. Applicants and participants may remove their information from the system by contacting the rideshare program by telephone, email or through the US mail.
The rideshare programs do not screen applicants or participants in the rideshare programs. No background check, criminal or otherwise, is performed. Driving records are not reviewed. Applicants and participants may or may not possess a valid driver's license. All applicants and participants use this rideshare service at their own risk.